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What is meant by ‘green tea’?

Green tea is made from leaves of evergreen shrubs from the plant family Theaceae and the genus Camellia sinensis. Originally grown solely in China, green tea now comes from a range of Asian countries. Unlike black tea, the leaves used to make green tea do not undergo an oxidation process, meaning their flavour is markedly different. Green tea is often less sweet and more vibrant than black tea, although there are many varieties and a vast spectrum of tastes.

Green tea comes in all kinds of varieties

From Jasmine Pearls through to Kukicha and the pretty, mellow flowering teas, to the king of green tea, Matcha, there’s a huge range of green teas, each offering something delightfully different to the drinker.

Green tea is a treasure chest of health benefits

A cup of green tea gives you a good dose of antioxidants, which can offer protection against cancer, improve brain function, lower the risk of heart disease and can help you lose weight.

One type of antioxidants present in green tea, called Catechins, are very important in preventing cell damage. Processing lowers the amount of catechins, so as green tea is minimally processed compared to black tea, it contains a higher level.

Green teas to suit every palate!

Whether you prefer mild, sweet, subtle teas or a more strong, pungent, heady brew, there is a massive range of green tea available to suit every palate.

From Genmaicha tea, which is paired with roasted brown rice to give a nutty taste, through to creamy, sweet Japanese twig tea, to Sencha, which is light, refreshing and stimulating, the world of green tea is a broad church with many delicious combinations and flavours.

A brewer’s paradise

Some tea comes in powdered form and dissolves when water is added; other teas come in whole leaf form and these can be steeped again and again in hot water. Some teas are supposed to be brewed in very specific ways with special teaware, while others can be done ‘grandpa-style’ with no pot or strainer – just add hot water and sip! While some tea preparations require the leaves to be boiled, there are also ‘cold brew’ teas where the leaves are steeped in cold water for several hours.



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